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First Responders Assistance Volunteers

The Baltimore Washington Chapter First Responder Assistance Training program consists of Health Physicists who reside in the MD, DC, and VA region who have volunteered their time to train first responders in response techniques for radioactive materials response. Certain volunteers are designated as Rovers meaning they will respond to wherever they are needed. All the Health Physicists have had training in emergency response and continue to receive the most up to date training available to teach first responders techniques necessary to respond to incidents involving radioactive materials and minimizing exposure to any radioactive materials. The Health Physicists involved will design a training program to meet your needs.

Please contact the coordinator of the First Responder Assistance Team if you are interested in volunteering or to request more information.

Team Coordinator Katharine McLellan 240-401-6019 (cell)


County Volunteer Email Address Phone Number
Anne Arundel Stewart Bland 410-266-9174
Baltimore Brian Livingston 989-225-7298 (cell)
Charles Miles McCord 301-975-5800
Frederick Joel Rabovsky 301-404-4058
Montgomery Kathy McLellan 240-401-6019 (cell)
Ray Johnson 301-990-6006
John Crapo 202-391-2410 (cell)
Prince George's Bob Phillips 240-264-3474
Tom O'Brien 301-975-5800
Washington Kathy McLellan 240-401-6019 (cell)
Dave Rohrer
301-788-2688 (cell)
Allen Brodsky
703-408-1540 (cell)

Virginia & District of Columbia

County Volunteer Email Address Phone Number
Alexandria Jeff Kotsch 202-693-0188
Arlington Kathy McLellan 240-401-6019 (cell)
Fairfax Miles McCord
Jose Mendez 703-776-3394
Loudoun Kathy McLellan 240-401-6019 (cell)
Warren Miles McCord 301-975-5800
Washington, DC Kathy McLellan 240-401-6019 (cell)


Volunteer Email Address Phone Number
Kathy McLellan 240-401-6019 (cell)
Bill Beal
Kaatrin Abbott 571-205-1527 (cell)

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